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Kurdecha vs Trubin: what we should wait for? >>>

Kurdecha vs Trubin: what we should wait for? # Armwrestling #

Let’s discuss the possible course of the fight between Alex and Dmitry in bottom bracket. The winner of this pair in the final stage will fight for 5th place, and the loser for 7th. ()

What do we know about rivals?

Let's start with Alex Kurdech. He has a huge mass together with impressive anthropometry. But Dmitry Trubin is also far from a little kid, and he looks more athletic, which allows us to think about approximately equal muscle mass. But, Alex, unlike Dmitry, is very fast with these dimensions. Also, in a duel with Kydyrgali, Alex showed a very strong wrist stretch and a good pronating movement. But Alex also has enough weaknesses. First of all, an impeccable technique immediately caught my eye - the Polish athlete in each round struggled with an open angle between the body and arm, which did not allow him to fully mobilize more muscle groups, and as a result, he could not realize his potential in side pressure, without which it is very problematic to crush the opponent. The second nuance - the fight with loose wrist looked very good against Ongarbaev, blocking his ability to go into a deep hook. But it also blocked the flexor of the hand of Kurdecha too, which allowed the Kazakh athlete to very successfully restrain Alex's attacks and did not allow to pull Kydyrgali’s hand.

As for Dmitry Trubin, we know that he is very strong. He has a huge experience of pulling, both at the amateur table and at the professional. He defeated many more titled athletes than his Polish opponent. He has no problems with technical training, he can change the angles of attack, and fight with a classic toproll and pulling in a hook, and due to good control, he can use the maximum of his resources. Strengths of Dmitry we would call good strong angles, both a stretch and a fight in the biceps. But Trubin’s main advantage is the technical literacy we saw in the fight against Michael Todd. He perfectly feels the opponent’s hand, can both attack in uncomfortable positions for the opponent, and successfully defend himself. But the weak point of Dmitry, for quite some time now, is his wrist, which does not allow him to realize his full potential.

So, in protracted matches, the advantage will be on the side of Trubin due to a more versatile struggle and a huge advantage in the technical part. But this does not guarantee him an easy walk. After all, Alex is a top roller, and also he is fast. And if we analyze the last 3 vendettas of Dmitry, he lost to just such armwrestlers, and in most cases at the start.

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