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Evgeny Prudnik: I began to doubt my plans >>>

Evgeny Prudnik: I began to doubt my plans # Armwrestling #

Evgeny Prudnik has become a completely different one - it's hard not to notice in his many publications on social networks. But is he pleased with these changes? Is he confident in his abilities? ()

Evgeny, are you satisfied that you didn’t get Levan in the draw?

- For me, this is an ideal outcome of events, and I planned to go to the third stage in ascending order. And if I can pass Laletin, then, accordingly, this will be another springboard in order to get to Levan. To get to Levan right away would be like a train. But recently, Laletin began to seriously gain, and I have already begun to doubt my plans.

How can you describe Vitaly Laletin? Do you know his fighting style?

- Laletin is this trucker, right? Of course, I know. I watched his fights, in 2017 he began to pull very confidently. Before that, he had weak points, and now he has become that long-range vehicle, such a truck, which everyone is moving around.

What do you oppose him?

- My pulling style.

You are gaining weight. How do you feel in the new weight? Have you lost coordination? Have you become stronger?

- General condition - it has become harder to move around, I am not as mobile as I was before. But I'm getting used to it. I have become stronger. But now I'm more concerned about endurance. Strength will help me in the first two rounds, and endurance would keep me to the fourth. So now I'm working on endurance.

What can you say about Levan? Can you beat him?

- If Laletin is a truck, then Levan is a train. He is interesting in that he is very strong, heavy, which gives him another head start in the fight. He is fast, versatile, his data is very different from other athletes. But if I beat Laletin, then I will beat everyone.

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