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The pursuit for the mass: Saginashvili - Ongarbaev >>>

The pursuit for the mass: Saginashvili - Ongarbaev # Armwrestling #

The pair of Levan Saginashvili and Kydyrgali Ongrabaev is the most contrasting in the second stage of the Top-8. ()

Levan Saginashvili is a true unique sport. His genetic data is phenomenal, being an already large and massive athlete, he still continues to progress in muscle gain and volume. We can’t even think that this is wrong, because Levan with a weight of almost 180 kg climbs the rope and easily performs pull-ups on the crossbar. And its results speak for themselves - in professional armwrestling he knows no defeats at all! So far, whatever Levan does in terms of his form and preparation is not criticized, he does not give a chance to any of his opponents.

Kydyrgali Ongarbaev pulled out not the best ball at the draw in Kyiv, and now one of the lightest participants in the Top-8 will have to fight with the heaviest participant. But Kydyrgali's appearance is deceiving.

Many did not give him a chance in the first stage, but he showed that he could successfully deal with such a massive and powerful athlete as Alex Kurdecha.

In recent photos from the training camp, Kydyrgali looked noticeably larger than he was in the first stage. Maybe it was a pump or a good perspective, or maybe Kydyrgali also decided to gain - we do not know. But do not forget that Kydyrgali is a silver medalist in the unlimited class of the Zloty Tur, and then he defeated such guys as Vitaly Laletin and Dmitry Silaev, and lost only to his future rival - Levan.

Kydyrgali is a member of the Shardara team, perhaps the best team in world arm wrestling. These guys take training very seriously, and Kydyrgali will certainly not go to China to establish Levan as invincible.

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