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Fatemeh Raisi: I’ve decided to be good armwrestler in Iran >>>

Fatemeh Raisi: I’ve decided to be good armwrestler in Iran # Armwrestling #

Fatemeh Raisi tells nobody believed armwrestling could be an appropriate sport in her country and women would be involved in it. But now her aim is to glorify Iran as strongest country in the world! ()

Fatemeh Raisi tells us about armwrestling in Iran:

Generally armwrestling has been started in Iran since 2006. At first just men could fight in this sport but now women can do that too. We have 31 provinces in Iran. Now all of them is active in the armwrestling. many men and women now join to the armwrestling family.

Arm wrestling has root in my childhood. When I was a child, I saw my grandfather who was powerful man, pulling with friend and other memeber of family. I saw him and I wish I were as powerful as he was. But as professional armwrestler I started it about 2 years ago. I started it with a championship in our province without any knowledge about rules and how I was standing behind the armwrestling table. But after a victory and gold medals, I have decided to be good armwrestler in our country at least.

I promised to myself all Iranian would know me in armwrestling. People for first time found me as armwrestler and they don’t believe this sport one day will be a one of famous sports that every Iranian woman can join in it. Now they believe me and my sport too.

Before armwrestling I did some sports like karate, kickboxing, fitness, skate and I do some of them beside the armwrestling. Now I have gold medal in my country, and I wish I could visit world championship and I will honor Iranian people in the world.

My master who trained me as professional is Mr Mohesn Galaf, he is one of the best athletes in Iran and Asia. I appreciate him for all he does for me. I exercise with two cousins and they are amazing in the armwrestling. I appreciate them for being beside me and help me to be who I am now.

My parents are supporting me and push me to be the best champion in the world.

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