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The pursuit for the mass: Trubin - Kurdecha >>>

The pursuit for the mass: Trubin - Kurdecha # Armwrestling #

Being heavyweights, these guys are still not against experiments with gaining and losing weight. Now both - Dmitry Trubin and Alex Kurdecha, decided to reduce their weight. Will it be effective? ()

Alex Kurdecha does not pamper us with his activity on the social networks, but we know that he decided to lose weight a little and in China Alex will be lighter than in Malaysia. This is a logical decision, because in the first stage he lost to Kydyrgali Ongarbaev, an athlete who is much lighter than Alex. In this regard, we can assume that the main weapon of Alex is not the maximum possible muscle mass, but his speed and explosive power. And it is worth noting that with a decrease in weight, Alex is unlikely to lose much in size, because is a natural heavyweight, so this will only benefit.

All armwrestling fans remember Dmitry Trubin's performances in the categories up to 110 kg, in these classes Dmitry won most of his awards in amateur armwrestling. But starting in 2015, when Dima returned to professional sports, we constantly observe his transformations.

From tournament to tournament, he gained muscle mass and reached an impressive size, his competitive weight reached 140 kg.

We do not undertake to judge whether such a decision was right or not, but there are facts that do not speak in favor of such a set. First of all, these are injuries that often did not allow Dmitry to fully reveal, and secondly, these are not the best results of his last performances. It is important that Dmitry experienced difficulties precisely in armfights, while in regular tournaments he showed good results. But what do we see now? Dmitry noticeably lost weight, and this is due to his move to another country or is a conscious decision - we do not know. He is not so massive but looks great. He is in good shape, looks fresh and tough. Superiority in size and weight was never the main weapon of Dima, he always won thanks to excellent technique, endurance and tactical training.

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