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6-0 is different # Armwrestling #

On September 14, the 2nd stage of the Top 8 was held in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Almost all the fights ended with a dry score of 6-0, only Evgeny Prudnik at the end of his fight with Vitaly Laletin was able to find a way to win and took one round. The score 6-0 is usually associated with boring struggle and absolute domination, but this is not so: all 6-0 of the second stage were different. ()

Tim Bresnan vs Rustam Babayev

Despite the score 6-0, there was really a lot of struggle in this fight. Rustam was visually in excellent physical shape and looked ready for battle. Tim did a very good job of mistakes and prepared technically and tactically for this fight. This time Tim controlled his elbow well and dominated the hand and grip. Rustam did the same as in the first match, which Tim noted after the fight - “Rustam pulled in the same way, he didn’t change anything, I was ready for this”. On the other hand, could Rustam have done even more, considering his and Tim's dimensions?

Dmitry Trubin vs. Alex Kurdechа

These 6-0 seemed contradictory for many, Dmitry Trubin did not look the best version of himself, it seemed that his recent move and adaptation took away from him a lot of time and effort that he could spend on preparation. On the other hand, Alex Kurdecha clearly improved his form compared to the first stage in Malaysia and looked well prepared. Alex really was physically ready for this fight, but do not forget that Dmitry Trubin is a very experienced athlete with many years of amateur experience and many tournaments behind him.

Trubin technically very competently held this fight and did not allow Alex to use his power and dimensions.

Levan Saginashvili vs. Kydyrgali Ongarbayev

6-0, dry score, domination, not a single chance for one of the participants, but can anyone say that it was not an interesting armfight? Kydyrgali Ongarbayev became a real hero after the first stage of the Top-8 and it seems that nothing will change after the 2nd stage. In his homeland, Kydyrgali is a real star; upon returning from China he was greeted very warmly even though he lost 6-0. It is worth noting that the popularity of Kydyrgali is not limited to Kazakhstan, because not only the result affects the popularity, but also how you show yourself at the table and outside it. Kydyrgali is perhaps the most modest and taciturn of all 8, and it seems that he takes care of all emotions before the fight and there gives them free rein. Kydyrgali gives all of himself at the table, all his strength, it is interesting to look at his struggle, he wants to cheer and empathize with him.

But do not forget that Levan Saginashvili won in this fight and he confidently goes to the title of the most powerful armwrestler, and only Vitaly Laletin remained on his way.

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