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Tim Bresnan: Rustam always does the same! >>>

Tim Bresnan: Rustam always does the same! # Armwrestling #

Fantastic fight with clear wins – that was a match between Tim Bresnan and Rustam Babaev. This time no questions left. At least  - for Tim Bresnan. ()

Tim, first of all – you got new glasses. Does it mean you have more power?

- Actually, they’re not new. I've worn them on Zloty Tur with red t-shirt. So here I have red t-shirt and red glasses. 

Your fight had a shadow of past - not to make fouls anymore. Was it the most important thing for you this time?

- It definitely was. I trained more for it. I put my elbow back to the pad usually but with Rustam I tried to pull in the center of the pad trying to think about back. So it was always on my mind were my elbow was. Normally I am not thinking about it and I don't get fouls like that. 

Were your trainings with the grandson your secret weapon?

- Yes! Grabbing his hand! Not many people have hand that small.


How do you think what was not enough to Rustam for win?

- He did the same thing every time. He didn't change something. He tries to hook every thime. I let him hit and pull in a hook. He has to change his technique sometimes. But I enjoy the fight, it was a great time. We can't get better referees, they were fantastic.

You have Trubin as a rival. How do you feel about the upcoming fight?

- Me and Trubin are both toprollers, so probably it is going to be in straps. He is very strong, so I will have a lot of the gym time. And I have to find another training partner that is very strong and is quite that big.



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