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The character of a warrior. Pull like the last time >>>

The character of a warrior. Pull like the last time # Armwrestling #

The least expected match of the evening gave us almost the most emotions. Therefor there’s emotions and technique in the text. How did Kydyrgali Ongarbaev and Levan Saginashvili fight, and could something else go? ()

The character of a warrior - this is what perfectly characterizes Kydyrgali Ongarbaev in a duel with Levan Saginashvili. Kydyrgali understood that he had very few chances to win. Moreover, in the fight against such a giant as a Georgian athlete, it would not be difficult to get injured, and it would be much more reliable to accept the advantage of the strong, qualify for the show and continue to prepare for the fight for third place. But it was not about Kydyrgali. He went out to win. Glint and zeal for victory were read in his eyes, even in the last round. He fought for victory as if he had nowhere to retreat, this is the last chance and the last frontier of defense.

We all expected a triumph of strength in this fight, and we saw a triumph of perseverance. And although the score of the 6-0 match is not in favor of the Kazakh, the fight itself brought much more benefit specifically to Kydyrgali. He emerged from the battle as a hero, and recalling this fight, it was the Kazakh who caused the first emotions.

The overall picture of the match looked quite the same, it can be described as follows: start, Kydyrgali toprolls, slightly passing fingers, then slip. In straps the Kazakh also starts first, but due to the tighten grip, it is no longer possible to load the Georgian fingers slightly by sliging, Levan quite easily stops Kydyrgali's movement and further without any difficulties brings the match to victory.

In the last round, the Kazakh athlete tried to jump into the hook, and he even succeeded, but the result remained the same.

What caused Levan's victory? The question is too simple, one might even say rhetorical. Of course, a huge advantage in physical strength.

Is there a scenario in which Ongarbayev would win? The answer is quite categorical - no. This applies to the whole fight in general, and specific rounds in particular, if you do not take into account that Levan could get too many fouls. But he was very clearly aware of his advantage and acted calmly, not allowing himself to commit a foul.

After this fight, several conclusions were requested. Arm wrestling has already developed to the level of media competitions and athletes, when an athlete can benefit enormously for himself even from defeat, which could not have been imagined a few years ago. The second, and this is also connected with the development of arm. We are entering an era where the border between heavyweights and light heavyweights becomes so pronounced that the latter have no real chance of competing in the struggle for first places in the open categories.

And the third. We come to what boxing and mixed martial arts have long come to: the spectacle does not have to be created by the monsters of the mass, And PAL, following the trends, promises to give us the opportunity to enjoy another weight category in the framework of the Top-8 tournament next year.



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