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Rustam Babaev: Tim got an uncomfortable position >>>

Rustam Babaev: Tim got an uncomfortable position # Armwrestling #

The second round of clarification of relations between Rustam Babayev and Tim Bresnan was not very successful for the Ukrainian armwrestler. What prevented Rustam from winning? ()

Rustam, share your impressions of the second stage of the Top-8, please.

- The second stage was interesting, especially the place of competition. I was in China for the first time. The organizers did a good job for us. Although there were a couple of comments but given that they do not have much experience in such organizations, we can understand them.

In appearance - you were in very good shape, much better than in Malaysia. You warned Tim that you had become stronger, but something went wrong. What happened?

- Yes, I definitely became stronger in certain angles. But Tim is not quite convenient for me. The fact is that from that position (due to anthropometry) from which I can attack, his pronator does not stretch. Since this was not our first six-round match, I definitely understand his weaknesses, but again, due to my anthropometry, I physically cannot use this knowledge.

This time my form was much better than in Malaysia. And my wrist also became stronger. But Tim became in an uncomfortable position for me and waited for my wrist to get tired. This time he tried to control his elbow. Tim is a clever fighter and took good advantage. For some reason, it seems to me that his pulling style will still be convenient for his opponent Dmitry Trubin in the next stage. It will be interesting to look at it.

Your next opponent is no less interesting - Alex Kurdecha. Long arm, a good start, but not too experienced. What do you think, how can your meeting end?

- Regarding my next opponent Alex Kurdecha - of course, I am much more experienced than him, but he has good anthropometric data, a good start and weight of 150kg. Definitely: I do not wait for an easy victory, and I will take the fight very seriously. It goes without saying that I will go only to win!

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