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Alex Kurdecha: Dmitry was simply stronger than me >>>

Alex Kurdecha: Dmitry was simply stronger than me # Armwrestling #

To call Alex Kurdecha’s fight with Dmitry Trubin unsuccessful for Alex is illogical. As in the first stage, Alex gained tremendous experience, although he lost. What are Alex's feelings about this? ()

Alex, please share your impressions of the second stage of the Top-8.

- The second stage was grandiose. I think no one expected the organizers to take the process so seriously. Everything was great starting from the reception - we were greeted like stars - to constant accompaniment. And by the quality of work, we can judge that these are not the last competitions organized by these guys. For most of us, that was the first trip to China, and we received great emotions from this world, which always seemed to be somewhere nearby, and now we have been there and touched the culture of one of the most ancient peoples of the world.

Perhaps no one was completely sure that Trubin would come to China. How did you feel about this? Did you worry?

- For some reason, I had confidence from the very beginning that Dmitry would come. That there may be some difficulties associated with the change of place of residence, but I understood that he would be in time. He received the documents the day before our Vendetta and immediately arrived. He was more cheerful and fresh, and probably less time for adaptation went to his advantage. He did not marinate in the heat.

Let's go back to the first round. What thoughts visited you when you took the first grip?

- From the first grip, it was obvious that Dmitry was uncomfortable for me.

He is stronger in the wrist and in a stretching, and this decides a lot. To realize my struggle, I needed to translate it into a position convenient for myself, and this is an extra waste of strength. But yes, in addition to experience, Dmitry was simply stronger than me.

In this fight, you looked more confident and calmer than when you fought with Kydyrgali. What tricks did you try to use during the fight with Dmitry was simply stronger than me?

- I tried to change the fight, but I think everyone will understand if the opponent is stronger in the wrist and will be able to freely move, and my wrist is dead, then any plans will be difficult to implement. If we talk about the difference - then every fight taught me something. But those movements, the importance of which I discovered in the fight against Ongarbayev, were not very useful, because we did not come to them.

Your next opponent is an athlete with tremendous experience - Rustam Babayev. You are bigger than him. Do you think this will be your key to victory?

- Yes, Rustam has 20 years of victories and effective struggle. He is one of the most powerful hookers in the world, so I need to be prepared for this style. But there is logic in using toproll.



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