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Psychology of the Spirit: Saginashvili - Ongarbayev >>>

Psychology of the Spirit: Saginashvili - Ongarbayev # Armwrestling #

Did Kydyrgali Ongarbaev have the opportunity to beat Levan Saginashvili? ()

Many armwrestling enthusiasts are still interested in this issue. I can answer unequivocally - no. For many reasons, the most important of which: Saginashvili is a very strong athlete, his strength is incommensurable with Ongarbayev. But this fight is much more interesting to disassemble from a psychological point of view.

What is the matter?

Pay attention to how Kydyrgali was prepared. He won the first fight with Alex Kurdecha, and he had a lot of people who were ready to help him in preparation and promotion. Kydyrgali is a very modest, talented athlete, very strong both in his weight category. He took the fight with Levan very seriously.

It is clear that Kydyrgali was preparing hard, but it is also worth noting that Levan was inconvenient for him in anthropometry because of his big palm and long fingers. Kydyrgali has average volumes for the category.

Kydyrgali had few chances, but his struggle is a completely different armwrestling. It is one thing to notice only power and technical elements, but psychology and support played a big role here: the whole Shardara watched the athletes fight, naturally, Kydyrgali wanted the fight to be successful and be remembered for a lifetime.

Ongarbayev was faster, he tried to make Levan tired, hoping that he could play on endurance. He attacked the fingers, because this is often the weak link of armwrestlers. But fouls indicate a banal lack of strength.

But most importantly - Kydyrgali showed high fighting qualities, showed the character of a warrior. I think that in another weight category he will be able to show his fight from an even better side. We just have to wait for his fight with Evgeniy Prudnik.

Igor Mazurenko



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