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Mergl Balázs: I am interested in PAL competitions >>>

Mergl Balázs: I am interested in PAL competitions # Armwrestling #

Hungarian armwrestler Mergl Balázs decided to dedicate his sports career to professional armwrestilng. He has already showed some achievement and gets #5 place on right hand and #6 place on left hand in elite ranking. How did he get in armwrestling and what does he expect form the sport? ()

Mergl, tell us about yourself. What do you do besides armwrestling? How did you get into sports?

- I am veterinary student in Budapest, and every summer i visit my brother in Sweden. There I met with armwrestling first. I can say Anders Axklo was first who invite me to try this sport. After I found the Hungarian federation and compete here (but now I have my ban). Now I’m focusing only in PAL competitions.

What achievement in armwrestling do you consider the most important for yourself?

- My biggest achievement is to be the best in my category. Win or get medal at Zloty Tur soon. Also, I am interested in Vendetta with a same level guy at URPA system. My trainings are quite special, sometimes I do workouts 10 times per week. The training methods coming from my Zloty Tur winner friend. I thank him a lot.

Wasn't it too lazy to go across the world to China?

- China was one of the best trips in my life. Really interesting, new and instructive too.

Are you satisfied with your performance in China? Which opponent would you like to mention?

- My performance was not so bad, but I know I could get medal because of my power. But I made some fail so that’s why I got only 6th place.  I would like to mention Anton Shepeliuk, he is really good armwrestler and hope I will meet him soon.  But it was a bit sad and sometimes hard because I was there alone. Next time I need supporters or some mates.

Are you getting ready for the Zloty Tur? What result do you expect?

- I am not ready yet but I’m on it. A lot of great armwrestlers will come to pull in my category, Ivahnenko, Nannestad, Bartosiewich....ect. But I would like to in the top 10.

Who do you think will win the Top-8? And who will take third place?

- I think Vitaly Laletin will win the Top-8, and Ongarbayev will be the 3rd.



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