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Tim Bresnan: My goal was to do best I could! >>>

Tim Bresnan: My goal was to do best I could! # Armwrestling #

Tim Bresnan finished the first project of Top 8 on the 6th place, which helped to keep him a place in the next one. Is he satisfied with such results? ()

Tim, tell us, please, what were your goals for 2019? Did you achieve them?

- My main goal was to do best I could in Top 8. Fell a bit short. And move my farm to Tennessee. Not done with this either yet.  

The biggest achievement in 2019 - what is it and why is it exactly?

- My biggest achievement in 2019 was just finishing in a position in Top 8 that kept me in show for another year!

And the biggest surprise?

- My oldest son got a really good girlfriend and future wife!

What are the plans and objectives for 2020?

- My plans are to move to Tennessee and get in top 4 of Top 8.

What do you want to wish readers and your fans?

- I wish them a good year with no injuries.

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