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Alex Kurdecha: My victory is to become better than I was >>>

Alex Kurdecha: My victory is to become better than I was # Armwrestling #

Top 8 project participant Alex Kurdecha summed up the results of 2019. ()

Alex, please tell us what were your goals for 2019? Are they all done?

- The goals in terms of armwrestling were, of course, related to the Top 8 project: to maximize yourself as an athlete, learn something new, improve technique and improve in terms of strength and endurance. All this will help in further sport development. The Top 8 project was very cool. He gave us the opportunity to visit other countries, see other armwrestlers, talk with them, watch how fast our sport is developing and how many of us are around the world.

What is the biggest surprise that happened in 2019 for you?

- This is certainly the first stage. After it, I concluded that armwrestling is so interesting because you can not rely on any one strong side in it, but you need to be multifaceted, be prepared in strength, technically and psychologically. And the duel at the first stage of Top 8 taught me this, gave me food for thought and the opportunity to work on specific areas in order to improve myself. I needed this lesson. After all, it is important not just to win, but to become better.

And the biggest achievement in 2019 - what is it?

- This achievement came to me thanks to the surprises and lessons from the previous question. This is an opportunity to learn and develop in a new way, work on myself, set new goals and achieve them. Of course, there will be mistakes, because armwrestling is a long way of self-improvement, and the guys who are now among the champions have been honing their skills for years. My victory is to find mistakes, work through them and become a better armwrestler than I was.

What are your plans for 2020?

- The plans are very similar to 2019, but I already have more experience behind me, and due to this the tasks will be a little different. But the common goal is the same - to move along this path that we love: to meet new people, draw positive energy, take part in a large number of activities related to sports and reach new goals.

What do you want to wish readers and your fans?

- I want to wish to love armwrestling, to do it, to set goals and achieve them, not to lose heart, if something does not work out, because any experience is always a movement. Be happy! Good luck to everyone, health and victories!

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