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How to organize certified URPA competitions? >>>

How to organize certified URPA competitions? # Armwrestling #

How to help athletes and organizers bring armwrestling to the state level and attract sponsors to its development and popularization? ()

One of the objectives of the URPA rating is to help local athletes and organizers access the international rating in order to bring armwrestling to the state level and attract sponsors to its development and popularization. This will enable athletes to build a professional career, and the organizers and promoters will be able to have a sports business on a reliable basis and offer interesting events to athletes and the public with good cash prizes and a history of participants’ fights.

To work with URPA as an organizer, it’s necessary to get certified.

A certified PAL organizer can be any organization that undertakes to work in accordance with the rules of the rating and the rules of the WAF competition. The organizers interact with the rating directly from the moment when the rating team has confidence that the organizer works in accordance with URPA standards.

The agreement between the organizer and PAL, which is signed by all certified organizers, says that the organizer is solely responsible for compliance with all rating standards.

In the case of the appearance of information proving a violation by the organizer of the rules, all information about the event of the organizer may be excluded from the rating, and the organizer may be disqualified.

Thus, the organizer is controlled by athletes, referees and other participants in the competitive process.

The rating system is designed in such a way that everyone is interested in increasing the number of certified athletes and certified competitions, regardless of the history of their relationship with each other.

The rating works with everyone directly and this opens up equal opportunities for everyone.

Therefore, today we invite to cooperation all the organizers who want to develop in the armwrestling sports industry. The application process for obtaining the status of a certified organizer is very simple: on the website of the rating, in the “For Organizers” tab of the menu, you can leave a request by filling out a simple form. Our team will review the application and contact you directly or through a national representative.

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