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From Judo to Armwrestling: David Dadikyan >>>

From Judo to Armwrestling: David Dadikyan # Armwrestling #

David Dadikiyan, a talented and very promising new generation armwrestler, has already won prizes at European and world championships for several years. At the end of last year, he decided to switch to professionals, and he did it as successfully as possible. ()

David immediately selected in the Top 8 up to 95 kg, and this tournament is today the pinnacle of professional armwrestling. And in order to introduce armwrestling fans a little better with this athlete, we interviewed him a little.

David, how long have you started armwrestling?

- I was a doing a judo previously and occasionally pulled with friends at the table, but when I finished my career in judo, in 2015, I started training in armwrestling. In judo, I was the champion of Armenia and international competitions, practiced professionally, but I was injured and eventually left this sport.

It's good that you could find yourself in armwrestling. Do you have a coach?

- When I was doing judo, I participated in the Armenian armwrestling championship among men and took second place on the left and right hand. And then Arman Piroyan, who is my coach now, suggested that I train armwrestling with him.

So you actually got into the final of the championship of Armenia without necessary preparation?

- Well, I periodically fought with the guys and had an idea about this sport, but I didn’t practice armwrestling specifically.

This is a serious indicator! Tell a little about your training.

- In training, I almost do not do general exercises, only if there are no competitions and in easy mode. Mostly I work with iron, because with sparring partners we have a little trouble, we can not always get together. About once a month we gather and pull normally.

What are your favorite exercises and are there any records?

- I mainly work out the brachioradialis with dumbbell, do biceps with the barbell, and work on the table with the block.

But I'm not chasing the scales. I know some guys who lift more than I, but at the table they can do nothing to me. Therefore, I am a supporter of the correct technique.

What armwrestling competitions do you remember the best and what victory are you most pleased with?

- My most memorable victory was when I was 19 years old and I won the European Championship in senior class. And the fact that at the same competitions and 2 years before I won gold in juniors up to 21 years old with my left and right hand. Of course, I thank God for all this.

Why did you decide to switch to professional armwrestling?

- I won the European Championship enough times, 5 times, and the World - 6 times. Nowhere else to move, so to speak, for my interest. Yes, it's nice to win, but professional armwrestling is a completely different level, there are no weak people here and everyone knows what they are subscribing to.

What are your goals in professional armwrestling? Win Top 8 - and you can end your career, or are you here for a long time?

- By the will of God, of course. If God wishes, I would like to stay here for a long time and fight well.

You were selected in the Top 8 to 95kg, how do you assess your chances in the first round and in general?

- All rivals are strong, I will fight for all 100%, and of course, I will strive for victory, and the rest - by the will of God.

And who would you like to get in the first round?

- Let's say, with any of the 4 “champions” whom I can get, I will fight hard, no sparing myself. For me it is no matter who I meet, with all due respect to my rivals.

Decent position! Thanks for the answers and good luck with your preparations!

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