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Results of the first Top 8. Bottom grid >>>

Results of the first Top 8. Bottom grid # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko shared his thoughts on the effectiveness of the first stage of the Top 8 for each athlete. ()

According to the results of the Top 8 finals, it can be said that Levan Saginashvili did a tremendous job, entered the pedestal invincible, received several contracts from local companies, and participated in several television programs. Unfortunately, not everyone managed to repeat his success.

The eighth place in the Top 8 project is occupied by Rustam Babayev. Rustam with a weight of 95-100 kg could not do anything in the tournament: in the first stage he lost to Evgeny Prudnik, then to Tim Bresnan, and in the third stage everyone thought that he would easily pass Alex Kurdecha, but this did not happen. But Rustam Babayev goes to the Top 8 in the 95 kg category, and next season we will see his skills in this class.

Rustam Babaev works as a fitness trainer, this limits his communication with sponsors a little, as it takes the time that Rustam could spend on self-promotion. So Rustam also did not receive offers of cooperation with the media.

The seventh position in the project is occupied by Alex Kurdecha. Alex is from Ukraine and has been living in Warsaw for a long time. Before armwrestling, he was engaged in strongman and American football. His anthropometrics is very good for armwrestling. If he began his training with this sport, then he would have succeeded. But Alex came to armwrestling relatively recently.

He pulled with many interesting athletes, after which he received an invitation to Top 8. At the moment, Alex is preparing for a transitional match, which will be held in Ukraine on February 7-8. He will fight with Krasimir Kostadinov for a place in the active composition of Top 8.

In sixth place of Top 8 is the legendary Tim Bresnan. Tim began his career quite late, but successfully fought with the strongest armwrestlers in Europe and America. Bresnan had health problems, but he managed to recover and continue his sports career. In the project, Tim Bresnan showed himself quite well, having earned two losses (one of them with Levan Saginashvili) and one victory, therefore he continues to participate in the Top 8 project and will fight in the heavyweight category this year.

Fifth place - Dmitry Trubin. He lost in the first match, in the second - won against Alex Kurdecha, and in the third - against Tim Bresnan. Before the second stage of Top 8, Dmitry returned from Kazakhstan to Russia, changed his citizenship. And this situation shows that Trubin has a very big potential, and he can grow and show better results. A small number of failures did not overshadow Dimriy; now he is one of the project's leading athletes. In addition, he communicates very actively with his fans. Dmitry in the new season will start from a group of champions and, I am sure, will show what he is capable of.

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