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Results of the first Top 8. Upper grid >>>

Results of the first Top 8. Upper grid # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko shared his thoughts on the effectiveness of the first stage of the Top 8 for each athlete. ()

The fourth place in the Top 8 was taken by Kydyrgali Ongarbayev. He was one of the lightest participants in the category, but managed to get so high. In the first match with Alex Kurdecha, Kydyrgali was able to win with a score of 5-1, then he lost the match with Levan Saginashvili, and in the third round he met with Evgeny Prudnik, but, unfortunately, could not do anything and lost 5-1. Kydyrgali Ongarbayev goes into the 95 kg category, and instead comes Dmitry Trubin, who will continue to fight in the champion pool.

95 kg is the weight category where Ongarbayev can rise very high. Yes, very strong athletes also participate there, but Kydyrgali is one of the favorites. Therefore, being in the champion pool, he will choose his opponent at the draw in February.

In the third position of Top 8 is Evgeny Prudnik. At the first stage, Evgeny fought with Rustam Babaev. Once Rustam fought with Evgeny equally, so everyone expected a serious fight. But that did not happen. Prudnik was so strong that did not leave Rustam any chance. In the second stage, Prudnik fought with Laletin, where he lost 5-1: Vitaly did not give Evgeny the opportunity to use his strongest hook.

Evgeny gained a lot of weight to fight among the superheavyweighters. His weight was previously about 90-95 kg, sometimes - during therapeutic fasting - even less. Now he weighs about 110 kg, and this is not the limit of his capabilities. Evgeny also said that if the category of 105 kg in the Top 8 will be opened in the future, he will gladly go there.

Vitaly Laletin challenged the strongest. Denis Tsyplenkov was sure of Vitaly's success, and it happened. Unfortunately, Vitaly could not oppose anything to Levan Saginashvili. Only in the first match did he try to fight, but failed. Laletin has very good opportunities, fans love him and athletes support him. He needs only one step to become a super successful athlete.

Top 8 winner Levan Saginashvili gained considerable fame during the project. He participated in several talk shows and even starred in films. Levan has become so popular in Georgia that they stop him in the streets of Tbilisi to take pictures and shake hands. Levan's sponsors after his return with a victory in the Top 8 presented the athlete an apartment. Levan took everything he could for himself from this project!

I hope that next season the participants will take an example from him. And we look forward to the new Top 8!

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