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Baysangur Saltykhanov challenged Bogdan Ivakhnenko >>>

Baysangur Saltykhanov challenged Bogdan Ivakhnenko # Armwrestling #

A few days ago, the Russian armwrestler Baysangur Saltykhanov made an official call for the armfight to the Ukrainian Bogdan Ivakhnenko! ()

Given that Bogdan is on the first line of the Elite Division rating in the category up to 86 kg right hand, in fact it is a challenge to the title fight. Although Baysangur’s motivation, obviously, is not primarily this, but their meeting on the last Zloty Tur, where sportsmen fought for reaching the semi-finals.

This fight was very long, with many fouls, false starts and even protests. In most of these starts, Baysangur gotf the obvious advantage, knocking down Bogdan’s hand without much effort to the pillow, but in the most important start, which was scored, Bogdan seized the initiative, and in a beautiful protracted match he was able to impose his fight, having worked with wrist stretch, and took victory to his list.

Baysangur's team believes that Bogdan was able to win due to the fact that Baysangur injured his joints on his right hand shortly before the Zloty Tur.

How can this revenge go?

It may seem that Baysangur, after he completely rehabilitates his hand, has more chances to win than his opponent.

Because even with injury his fight was pretty equal, trying to minimize pressure on the lateral ligament, and to toproll, which is not characteristic of him. But we miss the nuance that Bogdan himself was injured on the Zloty Tur for several more fights before Baysangur. Therefore, it is obvious that the rivals have fairly equal chances if they can fully restore their hands and come to the armfight in the maximum form.

From all sides, this fight is definitely more beneficial for Baisangur, because if he wins, he will get a huge leap in the ranking and will move from ninth to first place, as well as take revenge for losing on Zloty Tur. As for Bogdan, it is a matter of honor - to defend his leadership, and a good opportunity to earn money.

So far, the rivals are at the negotiation stage, but not about the possibility of a duel, but about the conditions: the Baysangur team offered $ 1000 for the duel, Bogdan agreed, but put forward a condition of $ 5000. So, it seems that the fight will take place, it remains only to wait until the teams of participants agree about all the details. We are waiting for the show!

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