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Armwrestling is the future: the first children's training camp in Kyiv >>>

Armwrestling is the future: the first children's training camp in Kyiv # Armwrestling #

On February 7-10, in Kyiv, Ukraine, a unique event will be held that the world of armwrestling will meet for the first time, the International children training camp “Armwrestling is a future”. ()

Juniors are an important part of the armwrestling community. If we do not develop it, then we will have no future. It is an investment in the future of a whole sport discipline.

“Now it’s very difficult to keep children in sports, because they have many other entertainments: the Internet, online games. In the 21st century, there are many other things besides sports, and you need to make some efforts to attract them. Such an idea of ​​development and motivation for training is teamwork, when you go somewhere, meet other guys, get some attention. Therefore, we decided to bring our juniors together so that they train together, live, have fun and get this joy and motivation to train”, – explains Anna Mazurenko, co-organizer of the training camp.

“The idea of ​​organizing a training camp for juniors “Armwrestling is a future” was born before the Worlds and Zloty Tur. Its main meaning lies in the name: the future is children! It is they who in a few years will fight at the national and world levels.

The program is made so that children will have the opportunity to learn some special things about the training process, and training will take place in several sets. There will be time for a joint interactive free time, they will see the historical places of Kyiv and also be present at professional armfights,. The coaching staff is more than well-chosen, each of the participants has experience working with children and there is something to teach.

Among the participants are Kydyrgali Ongarbayev, Maciej Sośnicki, Oleg Petrenko, Damian Zaorski, Rustam Babaev.

I took the responsibility to make this in Kyiv. I’m sure that following the results of the meeting, many organizers from different countries will be interested in holding such events both locally and internationally, and we can help them in this by sharing our experience of the organization”, – says Elena Kuzmych, co-organizer of the training camp.

“At the first camp, everyone can participate. We tried very hard to get the participation in this event as inexpensive as possible, so that clubs or sports schools could pay for the participation of their youth. All invited project participants are volunteers, investing their efforts, sharing experience. Oleg Petrenko said that at one time he was taught by Andrey Pushkar, and now he is obliged to transfer his knowledge to others.

My dream is this: to develop our camp and get so much support that it becomes free, and then implement it as a scholarship for young athletes, allocating places for national federations so that they can use this as a motivation for juniors. The best athletes, coaches, judges will be able to pass on their knowledge and give their share to the sport, working with the next generation”, – says Anna Mazurenko.

If you want to participate at the International children training camp “Armwrestling is a future”, do not hesitate to contact with Anna Mazurenko or Elena Kuzmych.

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