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Vendetta United Stars Media Accreditation >>>

Vendetta United Stars Media Accreditation # Armwrestling #

In order to be able to work at Vendetta United Stars 9th of February 2020 media must be accredited. ()

Accreditation for the event must be issued before February, 7, 2020. For accreditation, you need to fill out all the fields on the form (FOLLOW THE LINK), then receive a letter confirming registration. Late registration is subject to approval by the organizers of the Zloty Tur Professional World Cup. Special requests for technical equipment must be submitted in advance.

For accreditation, you must provide a valid certificate of the representative of the media (identification card with photos for Youtube and online bloggers).

The press office reserves the right to make exceptions or impose restrictions on accreditation.

All rights to video / audio / photo content belong to MAZURENKO ARMWRESTLING PROMOTION Sp.z.o.o.

IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is prohibited at the venue.

Photos and texts from the event can be published through accredited channels on the Internet or any other multimedia channels.


- Any video production, transmission and distribution via the Internet and other multimedia services, both in direct and in recording, in whole or in part during events are not allowed.

This prohibition applies to exposure of a scene area.

Only photos allowed.

Exceptions to this rule are allowed only with the written consent of the copyright holders.

- The publication of a FULL VIDEO of a match (matches, scene area) is prohibited at any time.

For publications, it is allowed to use only excerpts of video materials with a length of not more than 15 seconds per publication, for the purpose of review, reporting or analysis.

Any materials showing the scene area (as well as their parts) are not allowed to be published until February, 16, 2020 inclusive.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations for media accreditation will lead to the immediate termination of accreditation. Other sanctions, such as a ban on accreditation at the next event or lawsuits, remain at the discretion of the organizer.

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