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Best armwrestler of 2019: voting results >>>

Best armwrestler of 2019: voting results # Armwrestling #

Exactly a month ago, we launched a readership poll to find out which of the athletes impressed the armwrestling community the most. ()

To the readers, we presented eight candidates for the title of best athlete in the opinion of the public. Among them were: Dmitry Silaev, Levan Saginashvili, Krasimir Kostadinov, Vitaly Laletin, Evgeny Prudnik, Mindaugas Tarasaitis, Dmitry Trubin and Oleg Petrenko.

Of course, each of these armwrestlers last year carried out colossal work and spent incredible efforts to achieve high results and the position that they occupy in the world of armwrestling now. It should also be noted that voting reflects the community’s attitude to the achievements of an athlete and is mostly subjective. In addition, the vote was held in two stages separately for readers on the Russian and English versions of the site.

So, the three winners among readers of the English version of

Third place and 27 points go to Krasimir Kostadinov.

Krasimir performed very well on the Zloty Tur, his high skill and experience gave him a chance to compete for getting into Top 8. We expect a great fight from Krasimir next time too!

In second place with 178 votes is Minadugas Tarasatis. Last year was very fruitful for Mindaugas, he participated in a huge number of competitions, gained skill and each time proved his superiority, taking the highest places. This did not go unnoticed by the audience. We are sure that in 2020 we will see the same excellent work!

In the first place with a huge crushing margin - Levan Saginashvili and his 12 958 votes! This is absolutely impressive. Levan not only painstakingly worked on himself, but also willingly communicated with his fans, and here it is recognition. We are very happy for Levan and wish him not to stop there!

Further rating of voting participants looks like this:

4. Vitaly Laletin, 26 votes,

5. Oleg Petrenko, 12 votes,

6-7. Dmitry Trubin, 9 votes,

6-7. Evgeny Prudnik, 9 votes

8. Dmitry Silaev, 8 votes.

Congratulations to everyone!

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