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Joseph Fox: Raimonds, let’s leave everything on the table in Kyiv >>>

Joseph Fox: Raimonds, let’s leave everything on the table in Kyiv # Armwrestling #

The sports career of Canadian armwrestler Joseph Fox is very fast but also fruitful and now he has a chance to pull in Top 8. Is it a surprise for him? ()

Joe, how did you come to armwrestling? What do you do beside the sport?

- My name is Joe Fox and I am 41 years old, I am not young but am fairly new to the sport as I have been armwrestling only 5 years.  I armwrestled growing up having 3 older brothers and of course out at the bars and never really got beaten until I ran into Doug Curtiss who was the President of the club in Grande Prairie and then went to my first practice.  I thought I was good until I practiced with a club and a 150-pound guy took me down. But this motivated me to train and want to become the best!  My 2 boys Kyren and Dane travel with me to events and we all compete and do very well. Beside sport I like to snowboard, camp and quad when we have spare time and visit family and friends. 

Were you surprised by your result at Zloty Tur? How long have you been going towards this achievement?

- I had a bad showing at worlds as I missed the go and lost my first match to Poland who ended up placing second then won a match against Sweden I believe and then come up against fellow Canadian Colin Vandersteen and I fouled out of that match so was not pleased with the result. Honestly, I thought I could have been on the podium but this happens, so my buddy Dan said I should enter Zloty Tur. So, I entered thinking these guys are animals but I want to give it a go, I won 2 and lost 2 so was very pleased with the result. And yes, the top guys are absolute beasts and are the best 95kg guys in the world in my opinion. 

Ihor Okara is an absolute beast and went right through me. I could not get a good set up with him but these guys are the best and I can only improve from this experience. I have only competed at 80kg on the National and international level before this so 90 at worlds then 95 kg was a big step up for me in weight and I have never faced the kind of talent I met at Zloty ever before, so the only way to get better is to go against those who are better then you and I will keep improving through all of these experiences.

How do you usually train?

- I train 6 days a week at a local gym and also at home where I have all my Mazurenko handles and gear to really hit the forearms and fingers.  I train at our local club with our members and try to get an extra practice at my house when I can and have Marc Guay, Chris Evans, Mike Decotis and many others over to get some fresh arms on the table.  I like to do static holds and love back and bicep day. 

Now you are a step away from Top 8. What do you think about it?

- Top 8 transition match for me has stepped up my training and made me realize that I can compete at this level and we will see what happens February 9th. But whatever happens I will learn and knowing I can make it. It will push me harder than ever before to improve my game and get to more places to train with different pullers to make me a more well-rounded puller.  I am very grateful for this match with Raimonds and the opportunity to pull in Top 8 and represent Canada.

You have very experienced rival in a transitional fight – Raimonds Antonovics. How do you think, what can help you to win him? What can you oppose him?

- Raimonds is a very experienced elite puller and I have much respect for him! It will be my toughest match yet by a mile but with heart and grit I think I can give him a match and take him to his limits. He has more experience and is a very versatile puller but this is a fight and anything can happen so I am coming to win.

What is the perfect course of fight for you?

- I need to get my head straight and focus on what I will do at the table and not worry about the things Raimonds has accomplished and concentrate on what I want to accomplish and take him out!

What do you want to tell to Raimonds?

- I want to tell Raimonds good luck and let’s leave everything on the table in Kyiv, Ukraine and give the crowd an intense match up, all business on the table and will shake your hand and buy you a beer after the match.  See you all very soon. Can’t wait to get on that table!

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