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Krasimir Kostadinov - Alex Kurdecha: expectations >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov - Alex Kurdecha: expectations # Armwrestling #

What will Krasimir Kostadinov and Alex Kurdecha show us in the transition fight to Top 8 2020? ()

On the Zloty Tur of 2019, Krasimir Kostadinov took the second place in the open weight category and thereby got the opportunity to compete in the passing match for the right to participate in Top 8 2020. Alex Kurdecha, who in the past Top 8 took seventh place, will compete with Krasimir. Perhaps this will be the most interesting match of the event, which will be held on February 9, since this pair has no obvious favorites, unlike the pair Dave Chaffee - Deivydas Rimkus. And at the same time, both rivals are very well known and loved by the public, in contrast to the transitional match in up to 95 kg.

To analyze the fight and present its progress, let us recall Alex's fight against Rustam Babayev. Why exactly this one? It's simple, Krasimir’s fighting technique is quite similar to Rustam’s technique. Alex was able to pick up the key to Rustam and unconditionally defeat him with a score of 6-0, why does it make sense to consider that the rivals are quite equal and Alex is not a clear favorite this time?

Krasimir, unlike Rustam, is a heavyweight by nature, and though he is not superheavyweight like Alex, but the difference in anthropometry between these athletes is not as great as it was between Alex and Rustam.

In addition, Krasmir has been constantly competing with the superheavyweights for the last five years, so that he will feel, although not too comfortable, but quite familiar in the fight against Alex.

What is the possible course of the armfight? With a high degree of probability, each match will be held in straps that will definitely play into for Krasimir. Also, recalling the last performances of the rivals, we can conclude that the speed will be on the side of Krasimir, and he will be the first to attack sideways. And unlike Babaev, Kostadinov has a better chance of getting into the hook, since his hand will not be so low, and his palm will be able to grab deeper. If Krasimir falls into the hook, then he’ll got the victory.

Alex, on the other hand, will defend himself with a stretch and pronation, and also after the arm is high enough with a wrist. But lowering the lead and thereby creating an additional load on Krasimir’s lower fingers will be quite dangerous, because Kostadinov already has enough anthropometry, pulling force and good top roll technique to successfully fine such tricks from Alex.

We are definitely waiting for a very interesting match, the outcome of which will largely depend on small technical issues. And given that Krasimir’s experience is still much greater than Alex’s, we will assume a score of 4-2 in favor of Krasimir Kostadinov.

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