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A test for Dave Chaffee >>>

A test for Dave Chaffee # Armwrestling #

This Sunday we will see the Top 8 2020 passing match between Dave Chaffee and Deyvidas Rimkus. What can a young Lithuanian athlete contrast with an experienced American? ()

Dave Chaffee is perhaps one of the athletes who were so awaited by armwrestling fans in the Top 8 +105 kg tournament. He agreed to participate in the second season, but the pool of champions was already formed, so he can only get into the pool of contenders. Given the current conditions, the athlete, who took a rather high place in the absolute category of the Zloty Tour of 2019 – Deivydas Rimkus – also claims to this place.

Deivydas is a born heavyweight, at Zloty Tur he was one of the biggest athletes. In addition to impressive dimensions, he also possessed sufficient strength, which allowed him lost only to Dmitry Silaev, taking 2nd place in the category. In the open class he took 5th place, but the athletes who took 3-4 places fall into the Top 8  up to 95kg, Krasimir Kostadinov, who became the second, has his own transitional match, and Dmitry Silaev, who won the tournament, immediately got a place in the pool applicants.

As for the chances of winning, in this fight, Dave Chaffee looks like a favorite here. But is it all so clear? First of all, the favorite is Dave we remembered from his difficult fights with the best armwrestlers in the world.

Is American athlete manage to maintain his former shape and desire to fight the best of the best? He will have to prove it. Secondly, it was not by chance that Deivydas got into this fight, he has good strength indicators, which, combined with the necessary technical training and a quick enough start as for heavyweight, leaves him a chance to win.

What could be Dave's weak point? Denis Tsyplenkov won by brute force, alas, but Deivydas is hardly so strong today. Andrey Pushkar showed that it is possible to defeat Chaffee with a quick start and a very strong lateral movement. But Rimkus fights with a more pulling movement and works more with a stretch, pronation and a wrist, rather than hitting to the side. And the third weak spot of the American, which has been opened for a long time, and he can’t cope with it in any way, is an uncomfortable situation caused by king’s move. Considering that king’s move needs just a strong stretch with pronation and a wrist, then Rimkus may have a victory strategy. Even if he cannot quickly and fully master the king’s move, it is quite possible that he does not require the same filigree performance as Michael Todd. Perhaps it will be enough to transfer the fight simply to more open corners, and if the pulling force is enough, then we will have a very spectacular fight with an unpredictable score!

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