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Chaffee - Rimkus: decent resistance >>>

Chaffee - Rimkus: decent resistance # Armwrestling #

Initially, we called the fight with Deivydas Rimkus a test for Dave Chaffee, because in his previous form he was an unambiguous favorite in this pair. ()

Dave did not disappoint us, he easily, even with some margin, won this match. Dave did not start first, but a confident fight as second number (both morally and physically) against a massive opponent with excellent anthropometry, who also pulls toproll, was is an indicator of the power reserve. We also saw that Deivydas passed Dave’s wrist in the third and fourth round, and won in the sixth round. But here, everything was also far from as simple as it might seem at first glance, because all the fights took place without complications and Dave, realizing his superiority, did not even spend time on slips. And we can remind you how the fights between Kydyrgali Ongarbayev and Levan Saginashvili happened: Kydrygrali showed quite worthy resistance pulling without straps, which even inspired some faith in his possible victory, but in straps the picture changed to the completely opposite.

But did Chaffee lose the 6th round? Obviously, after Dave overslept the start, and after that didn’t even fight, he has no principle to win every round.

What do athletes need to add in the future?

As for the American, it’s definitely a quicker start, and also the straps. Moreover, when Levan will be his rival, grabbing his palm will be a challenge even for Chaffee. In terms of strength, it seems that Dave is okay with the understanding of how to become stronger. He made no gross technical errors. Regarding Deivydas Rimkus, from the point of view of speed and technical preparedness, everything was fine with him, but he obviously lacked the strength of the w5rist, he could not supine Dave’s arm in any round.

We wish Dave to prepare to the duel with Levan in maximum form. And for Rimkus we wish a fruitful training and a successful performance on the Zloty Tur 2020, because if he can show progress, like last year, then he definitely has chances for prizes in the absolute and getting into the Top 8 of 2021.

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