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News from European roads from Stanisław Jarząb >>>

News from European roads from Stanisław Jarząb # Armwrestling #

Stanisław Jarząb is a Polish armwrestler who works as a trucker and carries large loads throughout Europe. And now his work is more important than ever. ()

I would like to call or write to each of you. Ask, how are you? The situation is very special. The fact that you can not train everyone together is a concern. Some people can’t work remotely. I think about our friend driver - Stanisław Jarząb. How is he doing? Is he training now? But honestly, this is not so important…

Stanisław, how are you?

- I was stuck in traffic... for three hours. But now I’m close to border control. It happens so often now.

Do you wear a mask?

- Yes. Security measures are at the highest level. I train, but alone, as usual. I avoid contact with people. Mask, gloves, disinfection.

How do you deal with this situation?

- I have to keep calm and continue to do the work.

Responsibility is the most important thing.

The situation, as it were, is complicated, we have not had this before, and frankly, I do not know if the media provide reliable information. But we should all be at home and wait for the situation to stabilize.

To be honest, I don’t know. But you are on the front line ...

- In these difficult times, in my opinion, truck drivers are not heroes. They are needed so that the situation is stable in every country. Heroes are people who work directly with infected people, they are real heroes. And the guys in the shops that work so that we have something to put in the pot.

Stanisław, take care of yourself and watch the road.

- Thank you, hold on!

Interviewed by PeSzy

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