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Try to keep muscle grouos active as much as possible! Hopefully these days will pass. ()

PeSzy: Clubs are closed in Poland, the same is (or will be) in other countries. That is why most athletes only have at their disposal an apartment, a garden near the house, in the best position, small equipment. What should they do? Tell us please - as a very experienced athlete and trainer - what can you suggest to young armwrestlers now?


Engin Terzi: İ have pull up bar located by the door, some rubber bands and weights. İf they have some weights they can do many things with a single dumbell. İt's possible to do bicep curls, hammer curls, wrist and finger curls and even pronation and supination trainings with some weights. İ would suggest them not to be a perfectionist during this period, but try to keep muscle grouos active as much as possible. Right now i can't enter even to my own training place and all we can do is to keep muscle groups active so that when we can start training them in gym again they will not be out of shape.


PeSzy: How do you endure these restrictions so you don't go crazy? In Poland, being under 18, you cannot leave the house! How many push up can they do?


Engin Terzi: I would suggest them to not to focus on training during these days but instead reading books, watching movies, and analysing armwrestling videos, playing games etc.

I would suggest them to focus one muscle group each day for training so that everyday they will have something to train. İf they have nothing to train with then as you said push ups, sit ups, maybe some water bottle arm curls, some isometric trainings with towels they can do.


PeSzy: How to change the order of the training cycle? In the end - it will end sometime, maybe some competitions will take place in May?


Engin Terzi: Right now we can only do what we have in our hand, so again we must focus on keeping muscle groups active for now. İf things go like this till may then may will be too early to start competing for anyone if they don't have opportunity to train with equipments. There are plenty of armwrestling equipments people sell on internet, they can order some necessary ones if they have enough financial support from their parents (i talk about juniors).

Hopefully these days will pass and we all will start to do what we love even with more passion as we realize how important the things are mostly when we lose them. Hopefully this is a temporary thing and soon all will be fine for the humanity.

I thank for all the health workers for their service to the public - if Allah will - we will continue to armwrestle and compete again.


PeSzy: Thank you for the interview and I wish you and our readers health.


Engin Terzi: Regards!

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