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Unfortunately! World Championship postponed! >>>

Unfortunately! World Championship postponed! # Armwrestling #

Straight to the point! There will be no World Armwrestling Championships this year. They were planned in the USA, Orlando. September 2020. They have been postponed to 2021. ()

This is a great blow for every athletes who was focused on this particular competition, the date and the trip. We did not have the European Championships, and now it turns out that there will be no major international competitions.

We lost to the devil's virus, the authorities of virtually every country and region lost. No one will give us what we have lost.

Theoretically - you have to hold on tightly, but it is really a big fear that our world will return to normal.

Greetings to all and I sympathize with athletes.

Also visit the profile of Anders Axklo - the head of IFA - he explains the situation there.

Best regards with great worries!


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