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Our heroines - take care! >>>

Our heroines - take care! # Armwrestling #

27. SENECKÁ RUKA / SENEC HAND - already fighting for cups, we have 11 countries. They arrived with adventures, smuggled along the routes of horse thieves, through neighboring countries, with God's help and embassies. They are already in place. ()

Representatives are: Slovakia, Poland (11), Azerbaijan, Hungary, France, Germany, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Greece.

The heroines of this tournament have already become Polish girls, our judges. Judyta Wiercińska and Paulina Kuźniar. Only they were the only ones who came to the organizer's call! There are 30 degrees in the shade! There they will have 14 (fourteen) hours at the table wearing masks and gloves.


You do a great job.

We love you!

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