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Popularizing - how it is in practice? # Armwrestling #

Rymanów - a small town with around 3,792 inhabitants. There is a well-known Armwrestling club in Poland and already in Europe under the name "Spartan Rymanów". The club under the same name (Spartan) is also in Warsaw. The organizer and creator of both clubs is the Polish representative, medalist, experienced athlet, coach and referee - Grzegorz Nowotarski. ()

Adrian Biega is the leading sportsmen of the club in Rymanów. For several months he began the campaign to popularize armwrestling in his city. He invites kids and olders to see what armwrestling is, try and start their career.

Adrian, tell me how does your city look in terms of sport? What sports do people play, what disciplines are chosen by young people and adults?

Adrian Biega: Rymanów commune is not a large commune, but it is GREAT in terms of sport. We really have many talented saportsmen in our commune, as well as well-deserved clubs, including in football, armwrestling, handball, basketball, tennis, armwrestling, Nordic walking, shooting and many others. Most, however, focus on football because it is the most popular sport around the world.

Despite this, I try to encourage children, adults to physical activity, to try their hand at Armwrestling. I am positively surprised by the attendance at each subsequent class. I will gradually organize outdoor activities in the tourist areas of our area, I will try to provide some attractions, such as swimming pool tickets. We will combine “business” with pleasure.

My five years of own experience and knowledge and skills that Grzegorz Nowotarski passed on to me allow me to feel confident as a trainer. I consult all classes on a regular basis with Grzesiek, so somehow it goes slowly forward. We are of good cheer.

PeSzy: Thank you for your relationship, best regards!

Grzegorz Nowotarski & PeSzy

Many of our clubs try to promote armwrestling. May each season be able to enlarge our ranks a bit.

By the way: I have a theory why armwrestling is not widely practiced. I will share this theory with you soon.

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