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Mary Juroszek awarded! # Armwrestling #

Maria, or "Our Mary" Juroszek, was awarded for high sports achievements in 2019 by the authorities of the Cieszyn region. Do you know Mary? You certainly know from many international events where he wins medals for Poland and his club "Samson" Marklowice. ()

For all of us, this distinction is obvious and due. However, you will admit for yourself how difficult it is to be appreciated in your place of activity and residence. Do you remember the 18th Polish Championship in Cieszyn in 2018? It was Maria's initiative. This season, although it was lame from the beginning, on August 15, 2020, the Charity Tournament for the FAS Foundation from Goleszów took place. And before that many, many other local and school competitions promoting armwrestling. Aid, social and charity activities are the second passion of Maria Juroszek after armwrestling. It helps literally everyone in need. For homeless and poor people, she organizes hot meals, clothes and other necessary things. She adopts animals and tries to find every kitten or dog good owners and a warm home.

It is not fashionable now. And she does! Just like that, hot, with all heart. No ostentation or celebration.

Just like that. He puts up many gold medals from important events up for auction for charitable purposes.

In our sport, Ms Maria Juroszek has been "only" since 2012. And it seems to have been from the beginning. It's just that it is so well known and liked among female and male athlets. And besides ... these dumplings! I will not write any more, because not everyone has the honor of trying. And I just caught up. Tasty!

The scale of her sporting achievements is impressive. Absolute dominance in its weight and age category, and often in the open class. Medal achievements in Polish, European and world competitions are documented by gold, silver and bronze medals. It's hard to count.

On behalf of and all those associated with armwrestling, we congratulate Maria Juroszek and wish you good health and strength for further action.

And these dumplings .... I tell you, lick your fingers!


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