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Międzychód Championship - REFEREE'S POINT OF VIEW >>>

Międzychód Championship - REFEREE'S POINT OF VIEW # Armwrestling #

You know him perfectly well: Mariusz Zbylut has been judging important (and small) competitions for years. On October 10, 2020, he came to the 10th International Międzychód Championship for the Mayor's Cup. Competition in the URPA Ranking System. Athlets from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine took part. And the "Five Musketeers" from France. There were many emotions and in the following articles I will invite many Heroes of the event to my reflections. But first - the referry's voice. Mariusz Zbylut, I give my vote: ()

PeSzy: Mariusz, you were the closest and you saw everything. How do you think the event was going and what is worth highlighting?

Mariusz Zbylut: You can see that the introduction of commands in English for use in Poland has put some order at the table. The athlets started faster. I also think that most of them have changed their approach to training in order to be practically ready to start. We can see the big difference between professionals and amateurs when they fight together. We had an example of this in Open Left, Somewhere there were 46 athelts (in words: forty-six). My task is to record the quantity in one category, and a dozen of them were amateurs.

PeSzy: How was the whole event influenced by the participation of foreign guests?

 "Five Musketeers" from France

Mariusz Zbylut: The participation of sportsman from other countries, not only France, but also Ukraine and Belarus, is mobilizing for our athlets and it is always heard during fierce fights between a Pole and a representative of another country. I was in Międzychód for the first time and I really liked the commitment of the organizers led by Waldek and Ela Podolski. We didn't have to wait for anything, there were no problems, just light challenges, which the “Wolves Team” coped very well with. It is very good that the 10th edition was held under the banner of URPA, because as we have already seen in Slovakia and France, it attracts players and thanks to it Międzychód raised the rank of its local tournament to the International Competition.

PeSzy: Thanks for the interview and ...

Mariusz Zbylut: And we'll see you in Międzychód next year!

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