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How are you? # Armwrestling #

When I read information from other countries in the media, I always associate it with the names of my fellow armwrestlers. For example, Ukraine is Elena, Slovakia is Marian, France is Didy, and so on. So I asked a few of them about the situation in their country. This kind of survey or report. Of course, with the virus in the lead role. ()

First, some information from Poland.

PeSzy (Poland): sports facilities closed. Face masks everywhere, even when if no one is around. The police run like a fool, they issue fines. People, working in the fitness industry protest, but it doesn't change anything. At most, they pretend that the club's customers came to "test" the equipment before buying it. It doesn't help much.

Marian Čapla:

Hello Piotr, it is the same here. Gym, theatres, cinemas, pubs, restaurants are closed (on delivery only). Sport events are forbidden. Almost whole country is in the red zone. I do not know where it goes. And now i am reading that they want to test all people here. They are crying that government has no money to help people, but at same time they spend milions for inacurate tests...

Engin Terzi:

Hello, over here we need to wear mask as well or you pay a fine which is a lot money. Sport Facilities are open but with social distance rule.

You can go a gym and train as long as you obey rules of health. We are hoping combat sports to be allowed to competitions by next spring but for now it's prohibited. I am a trainer and i train armwrestlers in a government owned gym. Weight lifting is allowed, Armwrestling is prohibited. So far these are the news my friend.

Malin Kleinsmith:

Hi there. I am good. Media all over criticised Sweden for our method in the beginning. But now it seems to have changed. We don’t wear masks. And everything is opened. We should not take the commuter trains our busses. And the people that can, should work from home (I do all the time, accept for a day or two in a month). At restaurants we need to sit two meters away from other companies. But everything is open, schools, training centres and so on. Just keep distance and wash our hands. Our economy has not gotten effected as much as other countries. And the discotheques are closed, u are only allowed to sit at a table to get served alcohol.

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