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Elena, how are you? # Armwrestling #

When I read information from other countries in the media, I always associate it with the names of my fellow armwrestlers. For example, Ukraine is Elena, Slovakia is Marian, France is Didy, and so on. So I asked a few of them about the situation in their country. This kind of survey or report. Of course, with the virus in the lead role. ()

Elena Kuzmych

Adaptive quarantine has been extended in Ukraine until December 31. All kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions are working. State structures are functioning, some work remotely. Gyms are open, some are closed under quarantine, these are targeted decisions by region, sports events are held, the number of participants is up to 50 people and without spectators. In all walks of life, people adhere to quarantine measures, such as social distancing, wearing protective masks and using antiseptics. Everyone is tired of the quarantine precautions, but given that the disease is progressing, I wish everyone to stay healthy and not get sick!

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