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Engin Terzi: “Using this genetic as good as possible!” >>>

Engin Terzi: “Using this genetic as good as possible!” # Armwrestling #

How important in armwrestlingis genetics? Answer by Engin Terzi. ()

PeSzy: Surely you've heard this question a thousand times, but ... Please answer again.

Engin Terzi: There are many of them with great genetics but more important is using this genetic as good as possible. To me coordination of the Armwrestling related muscle groups is the key but someone with poor genetic may not become the best armwrestler even with high level of coordination. John Brzenk who has great genetics and great coordination is considered to be the best ever armwrestler.

If I would choose to have genetics of someone else then probably Morozov from Kazakstan would be this person.

I have seen him lately in his current form and he looks really impressive.

Dmitry Trubin also has great genetics IMO. With better coordination they would be even much more impressive than how they are right now.

For the light heavyweight Prudnyk and Gasparini are great about genetics. Tall arm and solid wrist genetic always impresses me.

Rustam (Babayev) is short and has thin wrist, his genetic is okay till 85-90 kg but above that it's not enough in my opinion.

PeSzy: It's hard to ask this question in the past tense... Andrey Pushkar

Engin Terzi: Yes Andrey had good genetics...

PeSzy: Thanks for comment.

Engin Terzi: You're welcome!

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