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Dave Chaffee: “My life is pretty uneventful” >>>

Dave Chaffee: “My life is pretty uneventful” # Armwrestling #

I'm very routine oriented. Almost like a robot. Getting to know legendary arm wrestler, Dave Chaffee By: Sean BOOM Hancock ()

There are few armwrestlers in the world that stand out like the legendary Top 8, world champion, 6'2", 275 pound, Dave Chaffee. Today we take you behind the scenes to learn some things about the man and his everyday life.

Hello Dave, will you please introduce yourself?

I'm Dave Chaffee. From Erie, PA. I Started Arm Wrestling in November 2006.

What do you enjoy in life outside of arm wrestling?

I enjoy time with my family. Video games. I play countless hours with my wife. We will get a game and just play it for days straight until we beat it. We play anything from online GTA to old school NES Super Mario 3. Our wedding theme was actually GTA 5. Which is our favorite game. Anytime a song was played by the DJ, we had him announce which GTA game it was from. Many of the songs were from Vice City as the soundtrack is from the 80s which I love. I also enjoy going to the casino. We bet the horses, play slots , video poker craps and roulette. I used to play a lot of Texas Holdem poker but I haven't in awhile. My Dad taught me how to play poker when I was 5 so I have been playing for quite some time.

Was is a regular day like for you when you are home?

My life is pretty uneventful. I'm very routine oriented. Almost like a robot. I don't like change. I work my job and then when I come home I'll workout in my garage or in my basement depending on what I'm doing. Spend time with the kids. Help with schoolwork. Then my wife and I will start playing video games. After that we will watch a show before bed and then we do it again the next day.. We are big fans of the Office. Law and order SVU, Criminal minds, Swat and Forensic Files.

Do you have any other jobs or professions other than arm wrestling?

I work at The Erie County Prison as a Corrections Officer. I have been there eleven years. And in about eleven more I can retire. So my 22 year sentence will be complete. But really for the most part its an easy job. You have your days just like any. There are a lot of inmates that jokingly challenge me to a match. Many of them know I arm wrestle and tell me they have watched my matches on YouTube. Some of them remember the Game of Arms show.

How and when did you get involved in the sport of arm wrestling?

I saw a flier at the gym I was working out at in 2006. A friend of mine knew someone who had competed before and introduced me to him. This ended up being James Wagner. I went over to his place a few times before the tournament. He taught me what I needed to know. We went to the tournament not really knowing what to expect. I was weight lifting strong but that was all I knew. It was a decent local event with some real good pullers. One being Bart Wood. I won my first couple matches then I ended up losing a match to a top roller which I didn't even know what that was.

I worked my way back to the guy that beat me earlier and got revenge. Then in the finals it was me and Bart who had a lot more experience than me. I got lucky and came back to beat Bart twice and take home the win. This is where Team Relentless began. We all became training partners and very good friends and we still are to this day.

What is a day of training like for you?

My training schedule consists of a bunch of different things. Sunday I do biceps and triceps. And pronation with Sledge. Monday I do handle work on table, Tuesday side pressure Wednesday Biceps and Triceps and we train as a team on table

Thursday Back and Chest and pronation and back pressure.

Friday handle work on table

Saturday side pressure

I take days off as I need.

What are your greatest highs and lows in the sport?

There are a few highlights of my career. Many are for different reasons. Winning my first tourney I entered was a huge high! Winning WAF Gold in 2010. Going over and getting a win on Denis at Zloty 2013. Winning the first WAL hammer and going undefeated. But just getting to do what I do and travel to places that I would never get the chance to see is a the real highlight. I started arm wrestling in a small bar and it was super cool. I was just happy to compete and start learning how to arm wrestle. Fast forward seven years later, All of a sudden We are on a TV show on AMC. Then WAL starts and I get to compete on ESPN. I've traveled to Russia, Ukraine and Poland. It just stuff I never imagined would have happened and I'm so grateful to everyone that has helped me get there. It has truly been an amazing ride.

The low of my career was breaking my arm. It was my second tournament ever in February of 2007. I was very excited as I had just won my first tournament three months before. Then that happened. An awful experience but it was just a minor setback. And my arm came back stronger.

Thanks for letting us into the life of the Great Dave Chaffee. I only have one other question for you but, before I do, you are a 6 time U.S.A. national champion, a WAF world champion, WAL champion, and a member of the worlds PAL top 8. With all of these great achievements, what is next for you in the sport of arm wrestling?

I'm just waiting to pull Levan. That is my goal. The match has been postponed over and over. It is Nobody's fault but it is frustrating as I have been ready and training for him this entire year now. So now we just wait and see. And hopefully Top 8 will take place very soon. Special thanks to all of my fans and the PAL. I appreciate the opportunities and thank you for the interview.

Wow Dave, that is a great future goal and I wish you the best of luck in the years to come. It has been nice getting to know a little more about you.


Until next time, thanks again,

Boom Hancock

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