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Happy New Year 2021! >>>

Happy New Year 2021! # Armwrestling #

Friends! On behalf of, we want to wish everyone all the best for the upcoming new year 2021. This year will surely be better than the one we’re saying goodbye to. At least for the reason that 2020 has been so bad and brought us so many struggles, it seems 2021 just can’t get any worse… ()

Each and every one of us felt anxious and uncertain this year. Our individual work and collaborations were limited or cancelled.

We can’t give up!

We wish you, above anything, a sense of sanity and clear mind in this flood of contradicting information.

Let’s be wise! Let’s be responsible for what we do! Let’s be healthy and strong! Current results and records don’t matter for now. Health is what’s important.

We hope the upcoming year turns out to be a year of meeting, competing and friendship.

Happy New Year 2021!


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