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Fortunato Tomaselli: We're waiting and we're planning... >>>

Fortunato Tomaselli: We're waiting and we're planning... # Armwrestling #

“We're planning and waiting, we're waiting and planning. Fortunately, none of 'ours' has fallen ill,” says the president of the Italian Armwrestling Federation organized under IFA – Fortunato Tomaselli. We're all very curious about what's going on with others. Of course, for us it's all about armwrestling, our beloved sport. We know, you know, that in Poland we've organized Polish Championships, we know that the ones in Slovakia have been postponed to “a different date”. How is it in Italy? I asked. ()

PeSzy: What's the situation like in Italy? I mean armwrestling-wise, of course.


Fortunato Tomaselli:

In Italy, the government has been introducing new changes all the time, depending on the COVID infection rates. A few times we've tried to organize some competitions, tournaments, when the number of cases was decreasing. But, unfortunately, after a week it went up again and the government kept blocking everything. We could train incidentally, without any regularity. Of course, we hope that the European Championships will take place and we will be able to go safely. Currently all contact sports are banned [in Italy].


PeSzy: I figure you are not very happy about it, to say the least.


Fortunato Tomaselli:

I don't want to wreak havoc but the first thing I want to say is that an amateur, non-profit sport shouldn't be regulated in any way. We are amateurs and we do what we love to do.

For this reason there is also a very important document about the European Sports Charter.

The main issue are the changes, literally day-to-day, always uncertain. In this scenario we can't plan anything. We tried to plan the national championships a few times, and international competitions too, but in vain because of constant changes introduced by the government.

Our sportsmen can't even train in some cases because of COVID because the government hasn't opened gyms for 13 months. Wherever we can, we were and are active – by using WhatsApp and wherever personal meetings are possible. In our last board meeting we've decided to “start anew” and plan how to proceed depending on what's happening at the moment.


PeSzy: Do you have any good news?


Fortunato Tomaselli: Fortunately, none of 'ours' have fallen ill!


PeSzy: Thank you, I hope to see you in Kiev.


Fortunato Tomaselli: Greetings, I hope so too.

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