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Strongman Didy: Correspondence from France! >>>

Strongman Didy: Correspondence from France! # Armwrestling #

Information and announcements! Today again about the wonderful organizer and a competitor from France. Why do I write about him so often? It's simple! Our Polish armwrestling owes him a lot. Thanks to his (and his phenomenal Team's) escapade last year, a local Polish event turned into a serious, international tournament. Attention ! At the end of the material you will find the French version. We invite you! ()

I have already written about Międzychód. Beautiful autumn 2020. I will come back to this competition by recalling a quote from the article:

“I think everyone should know that big person in pink tshirt. This is one of the best armwrestling ambassadors in Western Europe. His hard work in France and border countries creates the friendship and stability in our armwrestling family. Thanks to his efforts - we received the France team representatives in our X Miedzychod Cup. Additionally we received informations that members from other western countries are interested to join our main body – IFA. Mr Didier - don’t stop in what you do. You are going in good direction. We are proud.”

That was before the virus unwinded completely. Unfortunately, after the 21st Polish Championships at the Gniew Castle, it got our Strongman too.

PeSzy: Hello, Did, how are you? I've heard you got attacked by the virus. How are you feeling?

Strongman Didy: Hi, PeSzy. I'm slowly crawling out of this monster's cave, for the last three weeks I've left very weak.

PeSzy: Didy, what's your view on armwrestling in the future?

Strongman Didy: I think that after the „virus season”, which, by the way, I hope will end in a few months with the spread of vaccines, the sport will get its rights back. When it comes to competitions, athletes will be able to duel in high-quality events that will be organized by various national and world federations, both amateur and professional (IFA, PAL). We will be able to meet again in many places around the world. We've decided to cooperate with IFA and PAL. They are two massive organizations, very well-structured. I'm sure that everyone will find something for their personal development in these organizations.

PeSzy: What does the current (April 2021) situation look like in the country of Balzac?

Strongman Didy: What will happen to our sport in France? All of it, unfortunately, depends on this nasty virus. Now we're locked, we can't move farther from our houses than 10 kilometers [approx. 6.2 miles]. We can't meet, train together or conduct competitions.

We're all waiting for the good development of the situation and we hope the IFA European Championships, organized by my friend Elena Kuzmych, will be able to take place so that we can finally meet with everyone.

PeSzy: What team do you plan to take to Kiev?

Strongman Didy: For these IFA European Championships we'll try to come with a very strong team, about 15-20 athletes. I hope so but the current situation makes training impossible for many of us and they lose motivation.

PeSzy: If I remember correctly, you've attended many competitions with the team since 2019. Especially in Poland, there's the World Championships in Rumia, and Międzychód too – unforgetable tournament. This year you've added a “special value” to our Polish championships.

Strongman Didy: We're trying to represent our country as well as we can, we've been in Poland (with Jerome Galaup and Bertrand Travaglini) at your championships, where we fought Vendetta duels – Poland vs France.  We're warriors and we can drive for two whole days to fight and create a beautiful show. Our passion has risen ten times.

PeSzy: I can promise you that the Polish athletes are queueing to wrestle with you! Tell me, how do you see the activities of PAL, an organization that you represent in France?

Strongman Didy: One of the key factors for the development of our sport will also be the resuming of PAL calendar, especially the TOP 8 project. This is the “drive” and motivation for any armwrestler around the world, a dream for all of us. The TOP 8 athletes are our idols and we can't wait to see their duels again. And of course Złoty Tur! I really hope to see all of our armwrestling friends from all countries that we've contacted already (Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Bangladesh, Iran, Germany, Liban, Moldova, Poland (of course) and many other representations.

PeSzy: If the conditions allow, do you plan anything big in France too?

Strongman Didy: Yes, we're preparing a big PAL and IFA tournament which we'll organize in Rouen on premises of our partner NOVICK STADIUM on July 23-25, 2021! We've worked very hard for this to offer all armwrestlers a fun event in a sports-dedicated scenery which will be topped off by many attractions like Strongman competitions, cycling conventions and concerts. We expect over a thousand competitors and spectators.


PeSzy: Well, I hope it all works out.


Strongman Didy: You know, it's a difficult situation for everyone but we plan big projects because we're passionate about this sport. The entire community is waiting for the good times because armwrestling is our lives!


PeSzy: Thank you for the interview, stay in good health and persist! See you!


Strongman Didy: See you, friends!

Pour te parler de développement du bras de fer en France il faut parler de ce sale virus , car aujourd'hui , dans notre pays  , comme dans la plupart des endroits sur le planète, le confinement ( nous n'avons le droit ,en France ,que de nous déplacer sur un périmètre que de 10 km autour de la maison ) ne nous permet pas de nous rencontrer ni pour une compétition ni pour des entraînements de masse entre athlètes. 

Nous attendons tous que la situation évolue favorablement et comptons beaucoup sur le championnat d'europe IFA , organisé par mon amie  Elena Kuzmych , pour enfin pouvoir nous retrouver tous autour d'une grande compétition dont elle a le secret de pouvoir organiser ! 

Pour ce championnat d'europe IFA , nous comptons déjà sur la participation de 10 armwrewtlers et j'espère bien y être présent avec une équipe de 15 - 20 personnes, mais encore une fois , la situation sanitaire détruit pas mal de motivation car beaucoup d'athlètes ne peuvent que partiellement s'entraîner à la maison .

Je fais donc mon possible pour représenter notre pays au mieux  ( nous étions présent en Pologne avec Jerome Galaup et Bertrand  Travaglinià GNIEW les 13 - 14 mars pour les vendettas inter FRANCE - POLOGNE ) dans ses conditions difficiles pour tous .

La confiance reste de mise , il faut positiver car nous sommes des combattants du sport , notre motivation est intact et notre passion décuplée. 

Un des facteur clé, pour le développement de notre sport sera aussi ( en plus de la reprise des compétitions IFA ) la reprise du calendrier PAL ( dont je suis aussi le représentant pour la France ) avec la reprise du TOP 8 réunissant les meilleurs athlètes de la planète et qui alimente le rêve de chacun d'entre nous ainsi que la motivation , car tout les participants au TOP 8 représentent une source de motivation pour tout les armwrewtlers que nous sommes et ce quelque soit notre niveau ! 

La reprise du ZLOTY TOUR sera aussi une source de motivation pour tout le monde ! 

Et pour ma part , je compte énormément sur la présence de nos amis armwrestlers de tout les pays qui nous ont déjà contactés ( Royaume unis, Belgique , Italie, Grece , Danemark, norvege ,Ukraine , Hongrie , Slovakie, Belarus , Russie , Bengladesh, Iran, Allemagne, Liban , Moldavie ,Pologne ( évidemment) puis bien d'autres nations .. ) pour être présent pour notre grand tournois IFA , PAL que nous allons organiser à Rouen , dans les locaux de notre partenaire le NOVICK STADIUM , les 23 , 24 et 25 juillet 2021 ! 

Je tiens à dire que nous avons mis les gros moyens pour que cet événement permette à tout les armwrewtlers de passer du bon temps et prendre du plaisir à pratiquer l 'armwrestling dans un magnifique cadre dédié au sport et qui sera complète par de nombreux événements comme des compétitions de strongman, des réunions de bikers et des concerts dans lesquels nous attendons plus de milles participants et spectateurs..

Voila Piotr , une situation difficile pour tout le monde , mais de beaux projets car notre passion pour ce sport et l'envie de notre communauté de nous retrouver sera plus forte que tout , pour ma part , j'essaie d'y contribuer comme je peux modestement ! 

Armwrestling is our life !

translated from French: Valentina Savelieva





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