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Agy Gorzynska: We all have a lots of plans... >>>

Agy Gorzynska: We all have a lots of plans... # Armwrestling #

Armwrestling, our special correspondence from Great Britain. What's the situation, what's up? Looking back to beginning of the pandemic we all thought it can be done and dusted within few months...We planned many competitions then cancelled them as restrictions didn’t allow any of sports events. ()

Since last year till now our armwrestling teams bearly train together. Most our athletes adapted individual training regimes mainly at home, their gardens but clubs sparring’s sessions couldn’t go ahead. We all supported each other on social media platforms showing our latest activities and motivate especially new members to don’t give up as we will be back to our Clubs soon.

Hopefully UK lockdown is going to be eased in April where we can slowly start planning our Clubs trainings and we even looking to organise first event as soon as possible! Our armwrestlers are desperately to back to the tables. We all have a lots of plans as a individuals and as a Association. So I am positive about upcoming next months and I hope we also can allow travel abroad soon to participate at international championships. I am sure this pandemic time give us enough time for reflections and we all come back stronger than ever before. I am wishing our armwrestling community all the best,stay positive and it’s a hope we will be back on big stage soon!

Greetings from UK Agy Gorzynska!

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