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King Arthur’s Injury! >>>

King Arthur’s Injury!  # Armwrestling #

Artur Głowiński injured! Sensation! Today - in this manner! If it’s a sensation, then it is a sensation! Renowned, loved, famous in Poland and around the world, the Polish international of Armwrestling, the pioneer of legendary Vendetta duels, spectacularly dangerous in battles but with a heart of pure gold! Competitor, trainer, didactician, the president of the Polish Zloty Orzel Choszczno Club… Artur Głowiński got injured! Dear Lord! ()

I immediately got to searching for facts. The only thing I’ve got so far is a short notice from which I can conclude that it occurred at the Danish Championships. I will write about the Danish Championships soon but now it’s all we know. I asked his wife, Anna Głowińska, for more insight on this:

During the first duel, the table with a metal riser rose and crushed Artur’s leg. Artur and his opponent were tied. The opponent pressed the table down when he won. He didn’t know Artur’s foot was under the riser.

PeSzy: Ania, what are the doctor’s saying? Will he be alright?

Ania Głowińska:

Artur’s in pain but he’ll live. Greetings!

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