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Didy is foolproof! >>>

Didy is foolproof! # Armwrestling #

Vive la France! Whenever you get the feeling that everything is falling apart, the mean virus ruins us and our sport, remember – there is always Strongman Didy! There is always the French town Dieppe and the Musketeers! Vive la France! Long live the Musketeers! ()

October 16, 2021. He organized, invited and prepared – competition, about it later, and a training seminar for athletes and trainers. As the main lecturer, obviously, Igor Mazurenko, next to him Alex Kurdecha and Roman Riabtsev. Theory and practice, together at once. Trainings, plans and the use of special equipment. It’s a pity I couldn’t make it but luckily I’d already seen a similar seminar, Igor’s in Ukraine.

In France there were a few dozen of competitors from over 10 countries of Europe.

The results, I promise you, we’ll see in half a year! I bet that many listeners of the seminar will become medalists at the upcoming events.

So we can always count on France! From the Polish side an important figure was Judyta Wiercińska who was a referee at the competition and Marcin Mielniczuk who, as always, coordinated everything.

The results of the tournament soon – let’s allow the emotions to settle down a bit.

A big thank you to: Grégory Schneider, NOVICK STADIUM staff. Thank you to Stephane Novick, Eric Barre, Sébastien Lebourg and Mickael Pajot; Especially, thank you Nino Suljovic i Chamborant Autant for your active participation in sponsorship and work!

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