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Attention, please! Take a map and a callendar! >>>

Attention, please! Take a map and a callendar! # Armwrestling #

Attention, athletes, trainers, referees, presidents, IFA National Federations leaders. It's still unofficial and I'm telling you with a bit of worry and shyness because I can't resist the urge to be the first to tell you about this! Maybe I'm crossing a line a little but I have to. Otherwise, I will choke on that line (figuratively). ()

A few days ago "a very important person in the world of armwrestling" told me that...

But, back then they said we had to wait until November 13.

So I waited and checked and now I know! I know and I will tell you!

Dear all! We all meet again in Poland, in Rumia, in our amateur and professional armwrestling "base"! We meet in May, most likely on the last weekend of May 2022.

Where? In Poland! I already told you!

And what for...?

Attention! Now, attention, please!

At the IFA European Championships!


See you!


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