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Alex will defeat everyone! >>>

Alex will defeat everyone! # Armwrestling #

The exact quote would be: “If he wants to, he can defeat everyone in the world!” And who are we talking about? Of course, it’s about Alex Kurdecha. That’s what Tomasz Proc who saw and judged many of his duels thinks. Here are his speculations about Alex’s athletic future. ()

First, he won with the Swede, Tobias Sporrong. Tobias came from nowhere. Well, he didn’t, in fact, have any experience in professional Vendettas but he did appear at Zloty Tur. Before the fight, our competitor, trainer and referee, Darek Groch, predicted this: “I saw what he did at the last World Cup, and I assume he’s still improving, he started as a junior not too long ago. His physical condition is phenomenal, the weights he’s lifting are a very impressive. Above that, he’s very dynamic – so he has everything that the plus category is missing. There’s not too many quick and multitalented competitors in this category. I’m very curious about the duel with Alex who’s getting the only 40kg heavier Ongarbaev”.

As you can remember Alex won with a big advantage. Recently in Moscow he won with the renowned Italian fighter, Ermes Gasparini, six-to-null. Without a hint of hesitation, with a big margin of strength left.

After finishing the fight, Alex announced from the stage that we were just then “witnessing the NEW Alex!”

Perhaps we are the witnesses of the birth of a Star. I asked a few experts to share their opinions on Alex’s armwrestling future. They’re short responses because we’re not going to talk sh*t about a one-minute duel for one hour, like they do it in football.

So – a phonecall to a friend and I’m passing the mic to him!

Tomasz Proc

Alex showed up in armwrestling as an incredibly strong, young fighter with physical conditions well above average. We call them “the genetics” as athletes. The lack of ability to lose, or rather the pain of bitterness that he felt after losing – he felt it a lot and… I think that it was crucial when it came to his career. He did everything so that it would never happen again. And that’s how he managed to master his technique, developed more strength and improved his physical abilities. In my opinion, if he wants to, he can win with anyone in the world, and for sure he can get into the Pantheon of Armwrestling Stars for good. And, well, something that’s not of any less importance these days – he’s a showman and spectators love it…

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