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New Alex Kurdecha! >>>

New Alex Kurdecha! # Armwrestling #

Today TOP8 duels took place in Moscow. The Polish representative, Alex Kurdecha, defeated Ermes Gasparini 6-0. Alex was totally dominating, he even had too much strength, the energy was seething right from him! ()

But all of this doesn't matter! It is important what he said on the stage after the duel was over. He said outright, now we see the "new" Alex! Better than the one from 2019. What does it mean? Alex explained:

“In 2019 I played a bit of American football, I was a bit involved in armwrestling. Now has changed! You see the new Alex! "

Alex has many fans in Poland, Ukraine and all over the world. I think they will be pleased with these announcements.

PeSzy: I would like to add that a long time ago I told Alex to leave this "crooked" ball.


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