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Invitation to Poland! >>>

Invitation to Poland! # Armwrestling #

I hope that everyone knows about the IFA European Championships coming next year. Paweł Podlewski, the President of Polish Armwrestling Federation, invites once again, and once again, to be sure, we inform! () Recently FAP announced that we’re “coming back home”, to our armwrestling “fortress” – Rumia. The Polish Federation saves the day again and is organizing the IFA European Championships. When I heard about it, the first thing that came to mind was if it was certain…

Paweł Podlewski: The event is already in IFA’s calendar and the preparations have started. Rumia is a good spot: the sports hall is perfect for this type of events, there’s the hotels, the airport is close and the city government is also very keen on helping. This is really our “fortress” or the home of world armwrestling. The only thing that can stop us is the virus and the government’s restrictions. Let’s not even mention that!

Paweł Podlewski: Let’s not mention it, let’s hope that until May the world will somehow put itself together after this virus shock and sport will function normally, like it did in the past. Today we lived up to times when we don’t know anything for sure.

We assume things, prepare for events, and then it can all fall apart. We hosted the first IFA World Championships in Poland. It was a crucial moment because the new federation had to show itself, to let others know of its existence. This year the World Championships took place in the USA. Due to the virus and closed borders, sportsmen from Europe couldn’t show their strength. I think that the upcoming European Championships will be packed with competitors.

Paweł Podlewski: Due to the perfect geographic location of Poland and a good communication with Rumia (the airport in nearby Gdańsk, train tracks and roads in good conditions) and the fact that Poland has already organized many European and world competitions, we assume that the number of countries and competitors will be big. We invite everyone! I hope that Poland as the host will, as always, present the largest team and take the highest places on the podium, both individually and as a team. Thank you for the interview, and on behalf of the Federation and I invite our competitors to the Cup, and everyone to the European Championships.

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