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Our referee at the Arnold Classic! >>>

Our referee at the Arnold Classic! # Armwrestling #

There's not much good news recently. So, as to not go crazy, read this and for just a while forget about reality. Enjoy! ()

"Our" means "from Poland" and "from armwrestling"

There's a new sport in Poland that you can earn money from! A quote:

In the first edition the main prize was 10,000 PLN, in the second – 20k, the third – 30k, the fourth – 40k and finally, in the fifth one, you could get as much as 50 thousand PLN. Every Punch Down event hosted celebrities and influencers. Besides tournament fights, superfights also took place.”

You already know that at least one Polish athlete participated in Punch Down competitions, and now... now, attention! Now, ATTENTION!

A few days ago Tomasz Proc – the Master of Elegance in Polish Armwrestling – wrote:

“On my way to the U.S. to the biggest sports festival in the world. I will be judging Punch Down.

So I had to ask – why?

Tomek responded:

“I will bring some boring, strict rules to the fun! UFC will also be organizing Championships”

A million-dollar question:

“What's the connection between SFC Slap Fighting Championships and Armwrestling... Many armwrestlers from Poland and Slovakia have been joining recently and now an armwrestling referee will be adding precision to our sport because there are a lot of disputes, even if it doesn't seem like there would. They fight one on one and they have to land hits in the same way. The reception of a punch is also regulated by rules. I think since Arnold and Logan Paul engaged their people in this event, it means it has potential and will keep evolving. In which direction? I think a lot depends on the referees but also on the competitors who more often prepare very seriously for the events.”

Good luck, Tomek!

I'm not a crazy fan of the new sport. But I think I might grow to like it later. It was my case with armwrestling as well. One's for sure – serious referees are crucial for every sport.

Let us know how it went later on!

Aha! I'll add from myself: I wanted a picture with Arnold.... I guess it won't work out. But I have a picture with Tom! 

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