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MRS MARIA - REAL HELP # Armwrestling #

Help needed! Help wanted! Here she is, Mrs Maria Juroszek, the Polish multimedalist, the Master of armwrestling... She helps everyone, always. She's always been known for that. ()

A time for urgent help for Ukrainian has come. They need to be taken from the borders, fed, kept warm and transported farther. Mrs Maria Juroszek comes to the rescue! A car overpacked with necessities is on its way to the border. 

Coming back are people. But it's not the end!

There's a place to stay waiting for the guests. There's a house, there will be furniture soon too. Some actual, real help! 

I know that many of "ours", many armwrestling people in Poland (and abroad) are helping Ukrainians. Mrs Maria and her helpers are just an example.

Thank you for the help!

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