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Molecular biotechnology… >>>

Molecular biotechnology… # Armwrestling #

… in space! What do I mean? It’s obvious! I’m talking about armwrestling, our great sport. Do you remember the interview with Judyta Wiercińska about her scientific research? I’m sure you do. ()

The point is: a while ago I’ve decided to present to you our Polish armwrestlers from a different perspective, from the perspective of their hobbies and professions. It didn’t go too smoothly. But yesterday, I received a call from Paweł Gawenda that there’s a competitor with a passion out of this world. It’s about Bartek Rybacki. You know something about him but definitely not all. Let’s begin!

PeSzy: What do you do? Of course, besides armwrestling.

Bartek Rybacki: I’m currently working to become a scientist and that’s the goal I’ve set for myself. The way I see it, you have to aim for a relative balance between your career and sport that’s improved by the former. You can see it well in science. The more areas you engage in training, the better you work scientifically. Armwrestling is an unusually complex and complicated sport but with the excitement it offers, it also becomes unmatched. I love analyzing whatever I can so it becomes an, let’s say, accurate sport!

PeSzy: What about the outer space?

Bartek: I specialize in molecular biotechnology in the context of space, let’s call it astrobiotechnology. I had the pleasure to meet some amazing people with whom work becomes a pleasure. One of the most important projects was Stardust created in collaboration with the European, Swedish and German Space Agencies, with the idea to discover previously undiscovered microorganisms in the stratosphere. You’ve written to me on the day before the first results so I won’t say anything else. However, soon you should be able to see a scientific publication so I invite all interested! I’m currently the coordinator of payload of the R6 suborbital rocket which is a scientific experiment, or, to be precise, 3 separate experiments. In June this year we’re going to the USA (New Mexico) to participate in Spaceport America Cup in the middle of a desert.

It’s the biggest rocket contest in the world, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we manage to prepare everything on time! As a member of the Polish Astrobiology Society I have received support from scientists working for NASA Ames Research Center. Together with their broad knowledge we’re trying to set optimal conditions for the experiment (great thanks to my wonderful mentor Tomasz Zajkowski!). There’s more but I don’t want to bore you out. Maybe in the future there will be more opportunities to talk about science.

PeSzy: Great! What about armwrestling?

Bartek: I would love to greet my fellow members of Armwrestling Club Gdansk! About a yewr ago with Adwm Plichta we decided to found our own club. It was one of the best decisions we could have ever made. The special, family-like atmosphere in the club and how it’s evolving and improving gives all the members and us, founders, motivation to work and train. Thank you and see you!

PeSzy: Do you plan to start in the Polish Cup or Polish Championships this year?

Bartek: I hope so but it depends on my other projecte. I’m still at the beginning of my armwrestling adventure so I’m still lacking a lot but I’m doing my best.

PeSzy: And your accomplishments so far?

Bartek: There’s not much but I’ve recently made my debut at the Southern Poland Championships in Cracow as a professional under 85 kg (right arm) and I managed to become the vice-champion (big thank-you to Dariusz Groch, the organizer!). Before that I became the Amateur Polish Champion under 78 kg (right arm) at the Polish Championships in Gniew Castle and became a vice-champion of Northern Poland in Hel under 80 kg (right arm). On behalf of Armwrestling Club Gdansk I can tell you that we’re also trying to organize some event and as soon as we are allowed to by the Polish Armwrestling Federation, something small will happen in the summer!

PeSzy: I will be glad to talk to you about the outer space. I don’t know much about it…

Good luck!

Thank you, Paweł Gawenda!


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